“...The drive that leads scholars to study a topic has to include the belief that new things can be discovered, that newer can be better, and that greater depth of understanding is achievable.  Research, especially academic research, is a form of optimism about the human condition.”

— Henry Rosovsky


Positions are currently open for highly motivated graduate students in multiple project areas.

To apply, please send your CV and a statement of your research and career interests to sifraley at eng dot ucsd dot edu with the word "application" in the subject line.

UCSD undergraduates interested in volunteer research assistantships must be willing to commit at least one year to the lab. The Fraley lab frequently hosts senior design projects as well. Please check the senior design website for details: http://beweb.ucsd.edu/courses/senior-design/sponsors/


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Offices: SERF 347/348/351

Labs: SERF 280/281/282


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SERF 280

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